Merci Françoise pour ce lien :-)

Mirjami Hornela
Poikkisaarentie 53 A

I have been asked to make a video of pumi grooming. Now it was time to groom Kirka so I decided to film the operation. This is not actual guide for grooming pumi, I am just showing you my style to do it. In the video you will see me doing basic cut for non-combed pumi coat.

Pumis don't actually have official cut, so you can make recognizable pumi look without super skills or supplies. Most important is to imagine 3D picture of what has been told in the breed standard. But be careful not to overdo. Pumi reminds terrier in some ways but it still isn't kerry.

Caution: I don't have very logical order in my grooming. My scissors are Rose Line 88081 and they could be sharper. Lighting is not the best for camera. Unfortunately some parts of the dog were hard to groom without covering them behind my hands or back, sorry.

After a long thought I decided to upload this video for public. I hope it will be helpful for some.

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