La première portée de Felallo-Fulu Maasik a vraiment du bon sang! La maman Felallo-Fulu Maasik est Championne du Monde 2016 en Beauté et meilleure de race, et le papa Clark Junior Bohemia Vivace "Beat" est qualifié pour le Championnat du Monde d'Agility 2017 dans l'équipe de Hollande :-)
Toutes nos félicitations de la part de Nabra, Peko, Tapio, Wish, Otso, Killikki, Marjatta, Paillette, Malho... et Maasik! 💓

Wendy Willemse

Yes we did it!! It is official. Beat and I will represent the Netherlands at the team competition of the world championships agility 2017 in Liberec. Everybody who knows our story knows we came from far. And we still have a long road ahead of us. But winners never quit.

It is not because you have a good dog that you are a good trainer. And it is not because you are a good handler you get the best dogs. With every single dog you have to work to become the perfect team.

And I'm really proud to say that Beat is my 4th dog in a row that I will compete with on the world champs 😃. So that makes that every dog I competed with, I competed at the world so far. (Except baby legend, who is still young and upcoming) We have worked our butt of to get here. And I still need to work as hard as I can to make sure beat will be happy running with me on this level. But we have a goal.

Thx to all the people who helped us accomplish our goals. ''And special thx to my special S.W.A.T. Friends. '' Liberec here we come!

Clark Junior Bohemia Vivace "Beat" et Wendy Willemse, qualifiés pour l'AWC2017 à Libérec